Internship Program

Be equipped with marketing skills through practical projects!

The MARKCubator Internship Program nurtures undergraduates and fresh graduates with professional marketing skills while giving them practical marketing experience, trained by our marketing experts. Our program will prepare students to be job-ready graduates. We aim to minimise Human Resource department’s pain in wrong hiring by helping them save time and costs in training new marketing recruits.

What We Do

  • Specialized Courses
    Stage 1 - Internship Program. It consists of three separate programs that last for up to 3 months. Our program is results-driven, focusing on acquiring skills such as Facebook marketing, branding, social media marketing, brochures designing, and marketing campaign creation.
    *enquire us for further details.

  • Nurturing Community
    Stage 2 - Mentoring Program. Our Student Interns will have the golden opportunity to propose and implement their plans and work with our industry partners to gain practical digital marketing and brand management skills. Close guidance and mentoring will be provided by our marketing experts.

  • Hands-On Experience
    Stage 3 - MARKCubator Agency. It is a channel provided by AlphaIMM Agency to bridge our Student Interns to potential employers and industry partners who are looking for new talents. Our MARKCubator Internship graduates will act as trainee consultants and work with SMEs. in their products and services through digital marketing.

Benefits of MARKCubator Internship Program

  1. Gain hands-on experience through practical learning approach using theory-based knowledge for marketing career

  2. Expand the experiential learning beyond universities

  3. Guidance by professional marketing consultants

  4. A continuous connection with professional marketing consultants where they can improve industry access

  5. Full support from AlphaIMM Agency

Benefits for Our Alumni

​Finishing the courses does not mean an end to this journey, our alumni will:

  1. Receive continual support from our agency after they start their marketing career (free monthly coaching session available).

  2. Be able to attend specialised training sessions from our marketing specialists for those who want to acquire new skills.

  3. Be a part of the professional network for future job opportunities or project collaboration.


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