Marketer Incubator  Program

Marketer Incubator Program for undergraduates and graduates

There seems to be a disconnection between universities’ expectations and workplace. Companies feel that universities are not preparing their graduates to be job-ready. While universities’ focus is to give students knowledge in the discipline, they could not effectively equip and build students with practical skills. While they send their students for industry placements, often, students are not adequately trained.

On the other hand, the rising costs in business have led to many companies not willing to train young people like they used to be. Some companies are worried that after spending money in painstakingly training them, they would leave the job. This is indeed a great concern for employers.

AlphaIMM Agency, MarkCubator offers opportunities and projects to help graduates bridge this gap through the Marketer Incubator Program, which is a marketer incubator hub that breeds A-star and talented pool of marketers (marketing assistant and marketing coordinator roles) with digital marketing skills to help companies market their products and services through digital platforms. 

MarkCubator mission is to support and enhance the productivity of the HR department, minimising their pain in wrong hiring and helping them save time and costs in training new marketing recruits. To prepare and develop job-ready marketers, we equip our aspiring marketers (fresh graduates or undergraduates) with professional marketing knowledge and skills while giving them practical marketing experience through our marketer incubation programs, trained by our marketing experts. We endeavour to help you discover your marketing career and gain practical marketing skills to enhance your employability in a highly competitive job market. Through our collaborative networking events, we connect you with our industry partners to enlarge your professional network. Upon completion of this program, high performing students would be given the opportunity to work on AlphaIMM’s client projects.


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Director of Vivify Textiles

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