Inspiring Business Growth Project 2019
Inspiring Business Growth 2019

Judith is a highly accomplished Netsuite specialist and global online business entrepreneur. While Judith enjoys her full-time job and managing her global online stores, she and her husband Richard started their own cookware brand with a simple goal of changing peoples’ lives.

On the weekends, Judith and her family teach people healthy food preparation methods without using oil, salt, artificial seasoning, and how to prevent contamination. She promotes keeping ingredients in their purest form, enhancing their natural flavours and maximum nutritional value.


Judith strongly believes that since this style of cooking has dramatically changed her family’s lifestyle, it will likewise have a huge impact on others’ lives. She aims to educate more people to learn to eat well, live well and free from metal toxicity.

Judith Viado

Co-Founder of Nutricraft


Jennie is building a cooking school to empower people through food.

Working in Western Sydney in the arena of health care for 37 years, Jennie became acutely aware of the disconnect between diet and chronic disease. She believes that tasty, healthy food does not have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult to prepare.


Jennie strives to empower people to gain more control over their lives with cooking skills that have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

Jennie Thompson

Founder & Director of
The Cooks Workshop

Our Finalists 

Gabriella Kovac was born in Hungary just after WWII. She lived through the Hungarian uprising against the Communist regime and saw Russian tanks from her window. While world events forever captured in records and other documentation, nothing brings the real stories of human hardship and survival to life like the ability to tell them through the eyes of a living relative.

Gabriella was fascinated by her mother’s ability to handle impossible situations and win from a young age, and six years ago she wrote her mother’s story in the Amazon best seller “Georgina: Holocaust Memoirs”.

Gabriella Kovacevic

Founder & Director of
Gabriella Kovac

Eleen Yaw has been a long term yoga practitioner since 1999. Eleen studied at Shri Krishna Yoga Institute (Singapore) in 2008 and is the founder of Yin Latte Yoga.


As a mother of 2 teenagers she knows too well the demands of life and is inspired to share the benefits, knowledge and goodness of Yoga.


Her aim is to guide and share her learnings with her students and inspire them to create the ideal balance of life so that they can enjoy, maximise and achieve their life goals.

Eleen Yaw

Founder of Yin Latte Yoga


After graduating from her Masters of Industrial Design at UNSW, Molly started her career in the design industry, specialising in retail displays. Over the past 15 years she has worked with multinational companies and local brands to design and manufacture display units in Australia as well as overseas.


Her experience ranges from concept design, detail design, engineering, to procurement, project management, and production quality control.

Molly Zhao

Director of 
Mars Studio