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Successful entrepreneurship starts somewhere! It can start with a dream or with something that you are very passionate about. Taking this journey to self-employment is not easy! We desire to inspire and build women in their entrepreneurial journey by connecting them with other successful business people! This is a platform for women to build their contacts, develop themselves and get support from our business community!​


Calling all men and women in business today! Having gone through all the hardships of starting and growing your business, if you would like to support our women in their businesses, please join us in this summit!


Let us collaborate to groom women, our future rising star in business! You can increase their networks/clients and help them grow their business or be the key support in their business functions (eg. IT support, accounting, legal, personal development, CRM, insurance and business financing)! 

Inspiring Women in Business! 

Making Things Happen for you!

Are you working for someone and planning to start your own business? Are you a business owner or looking to increase sales or customers?

Are you looking for NSW government funding? Knowing how to market your business in the digital platform and getting the finance is essential for business success!

In this seminar, we are bringing experts to show you tips in using digital media to build and grow your business. Specially invited is a keynote speaker from Jobs for NSW to share with you on tips in getting NSW government  for businesses.


In addition, we are gathering business partners to connect with you and increase your potential customers.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the business community.

Learn from Experts

​The Deputy Mayor, Tony Bleasdale OAM, JP of Blacktown City Council, would be officiating the event and presenting the 'Most Inspirational Mums-in-Biz' award.

Other highlights:

  • 4 hours of FREE business consultancy

  • Matching of potential clients

  • Speed networking

  • Mentoring Workshop

For more information, contact marketing@alphaimm.com

Limited seats! To avoid disappointments, book your seats today! 

Closing date: 21 Sept 2018

I g h l I ghts

Fiona Rose
Director, Client Engagement
Jobs for NSW
Anaita Sakar
Olivia & Co.
Rob Fraser
Copywriter & Communication Specialist
Words By Rob
Edward Zia
Marketing Mentor & Coach
Excellence Above

Tony Skinner


Clicks for Profit

Graham Fitzpatrick
Business Connect Western Sydney

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