Event Marketing & Management Program

Mission of markcubator

Engineered by AlphaIMM Agency, MarkCubator is a marketer incubator hub that breeds A-star and talented pool of digital marketers (marketing assistant and marketing coordinator roles) to be job-ready for companies.

The mission of MarkCubator is to support and enhance the productivity of HR department, minimising their pain in wrong hiring and helping them save time and costs in training new marketing recruits.


support structure

To prepare job-ready marketers, we equip our aspiring marketers (fresh graduates or undergraduates) with professional marketing knowledge and skills while giving them practical marketing experience through our marketer incubation programs, trained by our marketing experts.

Our MarkCubator hub offers an environment of holistic mix of talent and experience, making up its leadership and network. The continual support from our professional marketing community further nurtures our students to be the rising star of new generation marketers.


Eleen Yaw

Founder of Yin Latte Yoga


It was a great experience and such a privilege to support Dr Theresa and her teams of ambitious students from Events Management and Marketing course in the project.


Dr Theresa is enthusiastic and passionate about bridging the gap between employment expectations of companies and graduates/students by offering the students chances to obtain pre-work skills and experiences through her programs and networks, hopefully securing a higher chance of being employed once these students hit the workforce. These initiatives not only saving the HR and companies time and money, it potentially boosts the confidence and shapes the mindset and attitude of the students and getting them ready for the next phase of their lives. It is an honour to be part of this great work of AlphaIMM.

Well done Dr Theresa.