Marketer Incubation Program

Be equipped with marketing skills through practical projects!

The Marketer Incubation Program nurtures undergraduates and fresh graduates with professional marketing skills while giving them practical marketing experience, trained by our marketing experts. Our program will prepare students to be job-ready graduates. We aim to minimise Human Resource department’s pain in wrong hiring by helping them save time and costs in training new marketing recruits.

Incubation Stages

  • Specialized Courses
    Proposal Development - Master the secrets of Facebook Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Strategic Brand Management. 
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  • Nurturing Community
    Proposal Implementation - Pitch and implement your plans. This stage is results-driven, with the golden opportunity to execute a digital marketing campaign for a company.

  • Hands-On Experience
    Transformation Completed! You are now better skilled, better informed, and ready to transform your future career path!

Equipping and empowering aspiring marketers with practical marketing skills to be job-ready.
Learn more on how we nurture students using a holistic approach!

I first met Theresa Teo as a Services Marketing lecturer at the University of NSW (UNSW) in 2006. She was unique lecturer because of her marketing practitioner mindset. She openly discussed her career wins and setbacks in detail in the context of marketing theories. As a student, we were hungry to hear and see real examples not readily available on websites and textbooks and she brought this to elevate our learning experience. She brought in industry speakers and incorporated real company case studies to assignments to meet the needs of aspiring marketers.


As a mentor, she gave me undivided attention, unconditional love, and stretched my talent by challenging me and other students (especially those who took her advice seriously) to think, act creatively, take initiative, and be open-minded to opportunities around our lives. Intentionally or unintentionally, I was deeply moved by her as a person which enabled me to get my first High-Distinction at the university. Furthermore, an assignment she's given to the class, I took her advice and used it as an opportunity to realize my then dream of becoming a news presenter at Channel 7 Sunrise morning show. 


Asia-Pacific Marketing Manager

Miller Heiman Group

Theresa has always been my favourite university lecturer at all time. I had the honour to be taught by her over 3 courses 2 semesters! She has the wealth of knowledge in Marketing, branding and consumer behaviour. Upon graduating, she gave me the best career career advice on my direction and without her, my path would not have not been the same.


Years after graduation, Theresa has also been my business mentor, guiding Vivify for its branding image and brand positioning. Theresa has been an incredible life teacher for me with her tremendous wealth of knowledge in marketing. I highly recommend her and her business as a key source of education for this ever-evolving market.

Edwina Huang

Director of Vivify Textiles