Professional Marketing Bootcamp


AlphaIMM has especially designed the 10-week intensive Professional Marketing Bootcamp (PMB) where learning goes beyond the classroom as students are given a real-life problem to solve from our industry partner.  Through the project, we build their skills in leadership, teamwork, and branding, teaching them how to propose and execute a promotional event effectively. 


The goal of the PMB is to build job-ready candidates for marketing jobs, equipping them with practical marketing skills and effectively reducing the training time of the hiring managers. The program is designed for undergraduates or graduates who are thinking of embarking their dream career in marketing.


Gain essential marketing skills and build skills portfolio to achieve your dream career. Book an appointment with us today. Limited spaces due to small class size.


Program is ideal for undergraduates, graduates and career professionals who dream of embarking into a marketing career but lack the practical skills.  

International students who have just graduates and are interested in a marketing profession, a valid working visa to stay in Australia is required.