"My secret love.....bringing joy to my clients!" Sheila Sharma

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Marharba, Kalimerah, Bonjour, Chao....are just some of the greetings I use to address my culturally diverse clients in my mobile business based mainly in Western Sydney and the Blue mountains. This diverse nature of my clients gives my day a spice!

2016 A fresh start I started my journey as a subcontractor post divorce in Feb 2016 with my own ABN My mobile physiotherapy business was born!

A lengthy divorce with little access to my kids has been my most challenging journey. I noticed, when my kids are with me on my weekends my productivity soars. Whilst in court for 22 months, I worked full time in locums at Wollongong a drive which took 1hr and 50 mins each way at two residential aged care facilities (RACFs) and Bankstown Hospital in a multi disciplinary team of speech pathologists, occupational therapists, dietitian and physios. It was part of Transitional aged care program (TACP) where I gained new knowledge, experience and made friends.

At that time I also graduated as a "Stepping On" facilitator. Stepping On is a falls prevention program based on lots of research and evidence from 2 Australian occupational therapists which gets seniors over 65 yo reflecting on causes of falls. Stepping On has been so much fun to do, not to mention the fact that I am the only facilitator in Blue Mountains local health district to get a record number of participants attend a post meet up group.

2017 Growth begins After exiting court in Aug 2017 my business has grown to a point where I have a waiting list and work for 7 different companies Australian Health professionals, Vivir, Allied Care Solutions, Seniorcare, Healthy Balance, Andrew Hamilton mobile physiotherapy and Blue mounains local area health district. I now have worked in 27 residential aged care facilities (RACFs) from Orange to Adelaide and treated 8 centenarians!

2018 Treading new ground I now work before and after my full time locums to fit my community clients in and in last 2 weeks gained my first NDIS client. This referral from an assistant in nursing (AIN) who I worked with in Katoomba back in 2011. I also receive referrals from geriatricians.

I enjoy planning my clients on weekends around my kids soccer games as my son plays on Saturdays and my daughter on Sunday. My current business challenges are:

1. Getting my invoices in on time 2. Finding time to improve my business 3. Finding time to do courses to improve my techniques to treat clients.

Sheila Sharma mobile physiotherapy is based in Guildford with no website address....yet!

Such a joy to bring smiles to my 107 year-old client!

All dreams start with healthy life!

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