"Pursue your Passion, You can do it!" Liu Yusi

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

How do I describe myself? I am an immigrant and a full time mum of two young boys.

Life has always taught me to be independent. At 18 I left China to study in the UK, dreaming of making a positive difference in the world. I immediately faced many challenges as I embarked on this new chapter in my life. The warmth of family and friends was replaced with unfamiliar and sometimes unfriendly faces. On countless nights I fell asleep with tears.

But, I decided not to let the difficulty define me. I committed to improving my English, and decided to study psychology so I could give back to the community. I immersed myself in the library, became actively involved in the student union and focussed on helping the people in need around me. All these efforts led recognition as International Student of the Year in the UK, and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to Australia.

I knew this would mean starting over again in another foreign country. But I had become stronger and more resilient from my experience in the UK. While studying for my Masters Degree, an opportunity to work for UNESCO, my dream career destination, arose. However, life is always tricky. My maternal grandmother, who had raised me since I was six, passed away before I could see her one final time. I grieved for a year and felt my life was on hold.

I knew my grandmother would want the best for me, so I completed my degree, got married, and started building my Australian dream, looking for my first home with my husband. While we were house hunting, Ironfish came into my life.

The story of Joseph Chou, Ironfish CEO, touched my heart, and changed the way we thought about property. With the help of Ironfish, we have build a multi-million dollar property portfolio. In 2011, I decided to join Ironfish to make a difference by helping people to achieve their financial freedom through property investment. By 2015 I was receiving a great deal of professional recognition for my successes and was very career focussed. That was when I fell pregnant.

The pregnancy meant I could not focus only on my career, and I was afraid of what my life would become once the baby arrived. But I wanted my family and my career, so I committed to paying the price, no matter how dear.

I worked until the very last minute of each of my pregnancies. On both occasions, my water broke quite literally hours after long client meetings. I also commenced working from home when both of my children were two months old, and full time only a few months afterwards.

Now my days usually start at 6:00 am. After breastfeeding the baby and preparing the family for the day, I drive my parents and two boys with me, and let my parents look after the children in the park, library or shopping centre while I work. At noon, I breastfeed the baby, have lunch with my family and then return to work. That entire procedure repeats once more at dinner time and also before bed. Most of my clients are young professionals, so I usually have client meetings and work functions in the evenings and weekends. When I come back home, it is usually 10:00 pm.

Am I Exhausted? Of course! What this for? For the people I love, the career I am passionate about and the difference I want to make!

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