"With Amazing Women, You can Achieve Amazing Things!" Marie Vlahos

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

My name is Marie Vlahos, I’m a finance broker who specialises in property and investments and helping women to build wealth and plan for their future.

I’m also a mother of 2 young adult sons and I have been able to use my knowledge and experience to help them enter the property investment market at a young age to start building a property portfolio to set them up for their future.

I’ve been working in the finance and investment industry for over 15 years and I have seen far too many women with little superannuation due to working less years from caring for their families, or who are now on their own with equity in their homes and no cashflow besides their current jobs and unsure of how they will survive once they stop working. Some have savings but no real knowledge of what can be done to build wealth over the next few years so they can retire comfortably with a passive income. I also know many young women who may end up in that same position one day.

These women have inspired me to share my knowledge and experience to help them and their children achieve their financial goals and put their lives in the best possible financial position so they can be carefree and financially independent. I want these women to feel support and trust that as women we are here to help each other and to give them back the confidence and happiness they deserve.

My children are proud of what I’ve done to guide them in the right direction, and I want these women to feel the same way with their children. If I can make a difference to a mother or child’s life to give them a better, more secure outlook in life, then I’ve succeeded.

Understanding my passion to help women by sharing my knowledge and experience with them, INSPIRED BY WOMEN was formed to not only help women achieve their goals but to offer support, guidance and friendship along the way. On your own life can be a long hard road, but together with a group of amazing women beside you, we can achieve the most amazing things.

Women Building Wealth Together

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