"You have the power to choose the end of your story!", by Jessica Harland

My name is Jessica Harland, I am the creator of EMPOWERING MEE & am the single mum of 4 beautiful kids. Albert who just turned 13, Faith-Marie who is 11, Jessie who is 7 & Mailk who is my gorgeous 18 month not so much baby anymore!

I am a survivor of 2 domestic violence relationships (& yes I have learned my lesson from those!) & a single mum who has 100% care of my kids. After leaving those previous relationships, my main focus was to ensure that my kids were brought up in a loving, safe home & as a mum I made sure I could provide for them with the resources I had available to me.

In 2011, my daughter was being severely bullied in Kindergarten, I had absolutely no support from the school & had no idea how I was going to help my daughter through such a traumatic experience. After spending hours searching online in search of help, I am up with very little & instead drew from my own life journey & experience to create strategies & tools to empower her through her bullying experience.

After watching my strategies & tools transform her into the amazing young woman she is today & witnessing others being bullied both in the playground & online, I couldn't keep quiet anymore & this is when EMPOWERING MEE was born!

EMPOWERING MEE a business born from my heart. We run workshops for girls & boys between 8-13 years. We offer one on one mentoring for both children & adults with the vision of launching programs into schools, teaching families and kids about bullying, self love, confidence, empowerment and respect by the end of 2018/early 2019.

As I am certain you would understand, with every great business vision, comes great challenge! But I have made it my mission to be part of the global bullying crisis & prove to single mums all around the world, that no matter how much life throws at you... you always have the power to choose the end of your story!

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