Acculturation programs for international students and migrants to settle in Australia

“Together” is a collaborative project with the Christian business community and a non-for-profit organization (Hope Mission Centre). The project aims to support migrants and international students whose desire is to ultimately work and build their life in Australia. The core partners who initiated this project are Hope Mission Centre, JonoGee Studio, and MARKCubator. Our key goal is to holistically help these people who may have newly arrived in our country or existing students to successfully integrate into Australia culture and lifestyle and the local community.


Launch Party for International Students




Are you an international student? Looking for a place that feels like home? Join us at TOGETHER.


Together is a four-month program that supports international students to learn well, find work, and build a new and full life in Australia. It’s a place where you can meet new friends and be a part of a vibrant community. Join us for inspirational talks and workshops, games and relationship-building activities, and career mentoring.


We’re kicking off with a LAUNCH PARTY featuring a cooking demonstration – how to make delicious, healthy meals on a tight budget.



Take a train to Parramatta station, followed by a bus (600, 601, 604 or 606) to 569 Church Street, North Parramatta.



Social distancing will be observed, hand sanitizer will be provided. We’ll keep you posted if any changes!

“Together” Project

This project is a holistic 4-month acculturation program that focuses on 3 main pillars of integration into Australia lifestyle – Living, Learning, Working with the local community engagement as the foundation of this program.  

  • Live & Adapt
    Our acculturation project aims to help international students adapt to the Australian way of life by equipping them with knowledge on how to live in a multicultural environment and how to manage your finances when living by yourself.


  • Learning & Study Excellence
    Living away from their home country might make international students feel demotivated in their studies. As a community, we at the “Together” Project aim to encourage these students and give them tips on how to face the Australian education system.


  • Career Exploration & Industry Connection
    Towards the end of the program, students will be equipped with knowledge about the local hiring processes and work environment. There will also be an Industry Networking Day for students to expand their personal network and learn from the experiences of industry experts.

Our Partners

  1. Hope Mission Centre
    Hope Mission Centre is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1999. They are passionate to take God’s vision forward, driven by a deep passion to see lives transformed by the power of hope. Over time, the organization has grown to become a multi-faceted, vibrant organization with over 100 volunteers united in a mission to serve the community. They have also expanded their services to Singapore and Malaysia. 

  2. MARKCubator
    Engineered by AlphaIMM Agency, MARKCubator has the mission to nurture aspiring marketing students by equipping them with practical marketing skills that enhance their employability. We aim to develop job-ready marketers by providing an environment of a holistic mix of talent and experience, making up its leadership and network.

  3. jonogee Studio
    jonogee Studio is a photo, video, and design production house based in Sydney, NSW Australia. Founded in 2005 by Jonathan 'Jono' Gunawan, who has worked for companies such as MTV Networks Australia, Laservision Mega Media and Nine Networks Australia as Digital Media Producer, Multimedia Director and Senior Broadcast Designer/Graphic Supervisor on shoots respectively. The studio now has an impressive portfolio, working on projects with big brand companies such as Lamborghini, IBM, and NSW Transport, among others.